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Autumn Term 2022 in Sycamore

Our theme for the autumn term is 'The Rollin' Stone Age'.  Our key question is 'Would you rather live in the Stone Age or in the Iron Age'?  Fred (our class mannequin) is dressed up as a Stone Age man and we have a cave in our classroom.


Stone Age Flipbook

Please click on the picture link below, to view our fabulous flipbook!

Class Texts

This term we shall be reading:



Bone Necklaces

Sycamore Class learnt about Stone Age jewellery which was made out of bone and teeth.  We designed and created our own necklaces from Salt Dough.  We think they look (and smell) great!

Stone Age Jobs

We have been learning about how Stone Age people lived.  We enjoyed doing some role play of the jobs they had to do each day.


 Science: Teeth

We learnt about healthy eating and teeth.  Sycamore loved chewing disclosing tablets to see the plaque on their teeth!  Then we learnt how to brush our teeth thoroughly.

Cave Drawings

We have been learning about how and where people lived during Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic times.  We have decorated our Paleolithic cave with pastel, charcoal and chalk cave drawings depicting Stone Age creatures.

Sikishm with Daya

Sycamore had a wonderful workshop with Daya.  Daya is a Sikh lady who taught them about Sikh culture.  The children enjoyed dressing up, dancing, cooking and eating some delicious chapattis, curry and Parshad.


 Stone Age Food

Sycamore have been learning about what Stone Age people ate and how they got their food in the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic eras.  They created some menus and invited some special guests to their Stone Age restaurant.





 Woolly Mammoths

Sycamore have been writing instructions for how to wash a woolly mammoth.  They made marvellous mammoths to go with them too!


Here are the stunning collages that Sycamore created after our discussions about Remembrance Day.

Cognition Learning

Sycamore have been learning about Lego Coding, using some fantastic kits.  They have learnt about inputs, outputs and algorithms and manipulated these for use with their wonderful creations.