St Teath Community Primary School

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Autumn Term in Sycamore

Our topic for the Autumn term was the Ancient Greeks.  Our key question was 'What have we got to thank the Greeks for?'.  Part of our classroom was turned into an Ancient Greek temple.  Fred (our class mannequin) was dressed up as Zeus - until Christmas, when he became Father Christmas!


Class Texts

We really enjoyed reading, discussing and acting out lots of Greek Myths.  Sycamore even wrote their own.


Ancient Greek Flipbook

Please click on the picture link below, to view a flipbook all about our Ancient Greek topic.


Moving Mythical Monsters

Sycamore did a fantastic job of designing and creating their own mythical monsters from junk.  They even made them with moving parts, using their knowledge of pneumatics.



Lego Coding

Sycamore had great fun working on their coding skills, through Lego Robotics.




Greek Day

We had so much fun on Greek Day!  We all dressed up, made lyres, had a debate, held a mini Greek Olympics, danced and feasted!


greek day collection.pdf


Greek Urns

Sycamore created some wonderful Greek urns.




In science, we made some different circuits, investigating conductors, switches and lots more.



Circus Skills

What fun Sycamore Class had learning circus skills!



Christmas Craft

Sycamore made some beautiful Christmas craft!



Panto Pandemonium!

Our KS2 performance this year was Panto Pandemonium.  Sycamore were dwarves, baddies and fairies.  Hayden was a great giant and Austin was a fabulous Ugly Sister!