St Teath Community Primary School

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Much of our reading and writing is initiated from the Literacy Company key texts (1/term) and writing pathways. In this way, children can embed their learning and understanding of  grammatical and punctuation objectives taught. This, in turn, enhances their own writing through a Mastery approach.


Reading in the early years and KS1 is taught through the Read Write Inc scheme, using a range of resources and decodable books.  The systematic approach to learning phonics is proven to allow children to make rapid progress when learning to read.  Children in KS2 may also require additional phonics teaching, enabling them to access the school's reading scheme.  We do this primarily through Read, Write Inc and also the Fresh Start scheme.

Children progress from Read Write Inc, onto the Accelerated Reader scheme, which allows teachers to monitor the reading development and practices of pupils, and provides tools to quickly ascertain their reading level, reading age and comprehension level.  The programme encourages pupils to read independently and more importantly at their own pace and level.

A wide range of writing genres are studied in both Key Stages and an appreciation of reading is considered integral to children's understanding of how texts are written.  We encourage a love of reading, both in school and at home and expect our children to read regularly to develop their own love of the written word.  Teachers work through a range of high quality texts of a cross-curricular nature.  Sharing stories is also a focus.  All staff members regularly recommend a range of books to the rest of the school.


Speaking and Listening

At St Teath C.P.  School, we are developing our performing arts and debating skills and hope that all children will develop the confidence to perform as eloquent orators.

Our aim is to develop an understanding of language through vocabulary acquisition.  The Humanities - Opening Worlds units and CUSP science units also aim to embed a development of vocabulary, which is used in discussing specific themes.

We provide our pupils with opportunities to develop their spoken language, reading, writing and vocabulary. We do this through teaching English as a subject in its own right and as an integral part of the teaching of every subject.

We intend to provide our pupils with a high-quality education in English, which will teach them to speak and write fluently in order to communicate their ideas and emotions to others, and to read and listen competently so that others can communicate with them.  Our aim is to promote high standards of language and literacy by equipping pupils with a strong command of the spoken and written word. We want children to develop their love of literature through widespread reading for both enjoyment and learning.