St Teath Community Primary School

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Our Values and Aims


We aim to serve the community by providing a high quality and wide range of education. We aim to equip our children with the necessary skills to allow them to make choices in the ever changing society we live in now and in the future.

Statement of purpose:

Our school is a learning community where we provide a stimulating, caring environment. We recognise and endeavour to meet the academic, physical, social and emotional needs of all our pupils and consistently challenge them to become well motivated, independent, lifelong learners.

Aims of our school:

Enjoying and Achieving
To provide an interesting and broad range of learning activities and environments, meeting the requirements of the National Curriculum, which both stimulate and challenge children into becoming motivated, confident and independent learners in their future education.

Achieve Economic Well-Being

To encourage and provide opportunities for children to explore their abilities, praising and acknowledging their achievements in order to help them acquire the attitudes, skills and knowledge to cope with the demands of their future lives.

Stay Safe

To give every pupil an equal opportunity to develop in a safe and secure environment in which all pupils and adults thrive.

Make A Positive Contribution

For our children to be aware of their own needs and be sensitive to others and the world around them, applying the values of courtesy and consideration towards others, understanding their importance in the community at large. Each child takes part in an activity to support a local and national charity at least once a year.

Be Healthy

To promote physical well-being by improving awareness of the importance of all the physical, social, moral and emotional aspects of life, thereby enabling children to make sound and informed judgements and choices.

The following values are seen as important by all staff and governors and are evident in our vision and aims: