St Teath Community Primary School

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Reading is integral to every child's education.

Here at St Teath CP, we have invested a large amount of expertise and time into planning a system of lessons from our Reception class through to Year 2, using the Read, Write Inc early phonics program. 

This program of lessons is delivered everyday in order to give children the tools they need to identify sounds, blend them and develop their fluency in reading. Children are assessed on entry to the school and asssigned a group that best suits their needs.  It is intended that all children make rapid progress reading these initial sounds and then can use them when reading high quality decodable texts which relate to the sounds they have been taught.

In the early years the program also links to writing, where the phonic blends children learn in their groups are reinforced in writing tasks.

Once children are secure in identifying all their initial sounds and blends, they will move from the RWi scheme into the school's book band scheme.  The school has invested a large sum of money developing its reading scheme with a range of books which should inspire all readers.

We aim for our children to develop a love of reading, both fiction and non fiction.  As a school we  give children regular opportunities to read, not only as a tool for learning, but more importantly, to develop a love of books and their contents. Each class has its own library of age appropriate texts, which the children are actively encouraged to enjoy through class free-reading time and golden time.