St Teath Community Primary School

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School Council

At St. Teath Primary School we believe that it is vitally important that all our children have the opportunity to contribute their ideas and opinions about life in the school.

Our school council vision

We want everyone in our school to always feel happy and cared for. We want all children to be happy to come to school to learn, and for everyone to be friends. 


Our children discuss ideas by

We meet every fortnight on Tuesday in Kay's Cabin at 12:15pm-12:45pm. Our meetings are run by Rhys (Chairperson).


Our class gets ideas to the school council by…

  • Speaking to any of our school council members.
  • Discussing ideas during specified time in classes.
  • Writing an idea/opinion on a piece of paper and putting it in the ‘thought box’


When you give the School Council an idea they will…

Discuss the idea and vote on it. Discuss possible action plans and decide what the action will be, who will be in charge of the action, and when it is reviewed.


We choose people to be on the School Council by…

There are 13 members of the School Council, 2 children in each Year. There are 3 members in Elm Class. 


To become a school council member, you need to talk to your class to explain why you want to be on the school council. Your class will then secretly vote on their favourite candidates. Class teachers will collate the votes and pass these onto Mrs Dearle (School Council Link Teacher).


People on the School Council are

  • Kind
  • Able to share everyone’s ideas
  • Respectful
  • A good listener
  • Thoughtful
  • Helpful
  • Pleasant
  • Happy
  • Fair


What does the school council do?

School council members discuss a variety of suggestions and ideas to improve our school, as well as organising events to raise money for charity. Some of their roles include:

- Listening to the views and concerns of other children.

- Representing the views and opinions of other children and discussing them in meetings.

- Suggesting ideas to improve the school.

- Thinking of ways to contribute to our wider community.

- Fundraising for a selection of charities.

- Having the responsibility for a budget.

- Interviewing prospect staff to join our school.

- Attending meetings with the headteacher and governors (where appropriate).

School Council in session