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Autumn 2023 in Sycamore Class

In history, for the autumn term we shall be learning about Ancient Civilisations, starting with Ancient Egypt. Fred (our class mannequin) is dressed up as an Egyptian pharaoh.

Class texts

This term, we shall be reading:

Browne: Gorilla


Jean Menzies Greek Myths (Hardback) Ancient Myths - Picture 1 of 3

Tutankhamun's Tomb I Was There - Picture 1 of 1

 These texts will support our work in literacy and history.



Sycamore have been learning about the Ancient Egyptian art of mummification.  We followed the instructions and mummified some Barbies and Action men.  We then wrote our own mummification instructions.

Canopic Jars

Sycamore have made their own canopic jars from clay.  Each one is based on an Egyptian god.  They look fabulous!

Papyrus Portraits

Sycamore have been learning about how the Ancient Egyptians made their own paper from papyrus.  They have used a similar process to make their own paper.  They then created pharaoh-style portraits of themselves.


Sycamore class are learning how to play the ukulele this term.  They are already making beautiful music!


Moving Mythical Monsters

Inspired by our history work on Ancient Civilisations and our work in literacy on Ancient Greece, Sycamore created some mythical monsters of their own.  They independently created them using recycled items.  Each monster also has a moving part.