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Sycamore Class, Spring 2024

In history, for the spring term we shall be learning about the Indus Valley, Persia and Greece.

In geography we shall be learning about settlements and agriculture.

In R.E. we shall be learning about Hindu traditions and the Hebrew Bible.


Class texts

This term, we shall be reading:

Leon and the Place between by Graham Baker-Smith

Leon and the Place Between, ,  Paperback - Picture 1 of 1


Amazing Islands by Sabrina Weiss


Sabrina Weiss Amazing Islands (Hardback) Our Amazing World - Picture 1 of 1


We shall also be looking at 

The River’s Tale - a poetry extract Rudyard Kipling.


Sycamore have been learning to compose and play tunes on the glockenspiels.  They have been experimenting with note values to change the rhythms too.

World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day, we brought in our favourite books and dressed as characters from books.  We did lots of different activities focused on storytelling and had a Book Buddies session with the children from Elm.

History and Art

Following our work on the Indus Valley and clay seals, Sycamore made some patterned tiles which they have printed with.  They looked at examples of Pop Art and created some eye-catching prints of their own.

History and Art

Sycamore have been learning about a statue called 'The Dancing Girl' made by people from the Indus Valley civilisation.  It is made of bronze and is only about 11cm tall.  They have created their own fabulous dancing statues using wire, foil and papier mache.

We also learnt about how the people of the Indus Valley used clay seals.  We made some of our own.  Each one has a large animal and some symbols, just like the ones found by archaeologists.

Super Stitching!

Sycamore Class have been looking at textiles from Persia and have created some amazing stitching samplers.  They learnt how to do whip stitches, running stitches, cross stitches and even some creations of their owns.

Fraction art

In maths, we have been learning about fractions.  We used some of knowledge to make some fraction art!

Mark-making and Portraits

Sycamore had a wondering art workshop with Ness from Endelienta Arts.  They enjoyed experimenting with a range of art materials, mark-making and creating portraits.

Estimating and Measuring

We had fun estimating and measuring in maths!